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About the author

Sleepless Suspense ™
Alexis Kennedy writes across multiple genres, delivering thrilling stories categorized as paranormal romance, historical romance, crime/mystery, psychological thriller, horror, and action/adventure.
Alexis’s novels are populated with immersive characters navigating plot twists that keep you guessing. Her descriptive narratives develop movies in your mind, transporting you inside the stories where you can experience love, suspense, intrigue, mystery, and magic.
Alexis resides in Missouri with her beloved dog. She began writing poetry in her early teens and short stories for her son when he was little before turning to novels. She has been fascinated with creating suspenseful stories and riveting characters ever since. Her novels reflect her vivid imagination and a life-long love for books. She enjoys reading novels by Karin Slaughter, James Patterson, and Shannon Drake.
Alexis says, "When you write, you escape into another world and another you that you once knew nothing about.”