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About the author

Charity’s childhood was full of adventure. From the first grade on, she moved from Kentucky to Alabama to Kentucky to Alabama to…well you get the idea. Although the moving didn’t help her grasp of mathematics, it fostered a deep love of books since those were the friends she could always take with her. Her family settled in Tennessee about the same time she started Jr. High.
The small rural community provided life experiences that she often wishes she could give her children. She ran wild over forty acres and learned to drive at the age of twelve. Between books, she shot bee-bee guns, stacked firewood, worked in a garden, hauled water (because they didn’t have running water!), and decided that one day she wanted to see her name on a book in the library.
Charity lives in Northwest Arkansas with her husband, four kids, three dogs and a host of squirrels that love to play on her back porch. Like Talia, she needs to hear the wind in the trees and a place to soak in the sun.