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About the author

I'm a long-time writer, first-time publisher who's been captivated by stories and novels since before I could even read them myself. From Nero Wolf to Mary Russell I'm usually curled up with a cup of tea immersed in another world. My favorite books make me cry, they make me laugh, they make me truly live. Through them we can experience the full depths of what life offers.

When I write its because I literally can't sleep, it's like a movie is blaring in my mind. I'll rework scenes and stories dozens of times in my head until it fits perfectly with who my characters are and what they will become. Then I get to bring them to life on paper where they grow and develop quirks and characteristics that surprise even me. What would Kenny keep in his room? Would Leon use "dear", "dearie", or "darling"? Each question shapes and creates them.

When I'm not reading or writing you can find me practicing yoga, throwing the ball for my beautiful dog, or rock climbing. I've recently started brewing kombucha which has resulted in only a few minor explosions in the kitchen.