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About the author

My name is Mariachiara Cabrini, I'm italian (I live in the beautiful city of Mantua), and I have been a compulsive reader since I was very young, so much so that during my high school years I also started to dedicate myself to writing, trying to give vent to my fervid imagination. For over ten years now I have been managing the book blog L'arte dello scrivere ... forse; with the nickname of Weirde, where I speak of my readings both in Italian and English, as well as books in general, but with a wink in particular to the urban fantasy genre, not very important in my country unfortunately. I also love pure fantasy, historical mystery, historical romance, paranormal, steampunk and sci-fi. My myth is Jane Austen, while among the contemporary writers my pillars are Mary Balogh and Lois McMaster Bujold. I love unconventional stories, vampires and novels with not very beautiful-but surprisingly smart.heroines, I hate zombies.
The novels I have published: Imprinting love (Zerocentoundici Editore, 2010), La Fiamma del destino ( editore, 2011), Le rocambolesche avventure di una lettrice compulsiva (, 2012), I colori della nebbia, written with Francesca Cani (Harlequin Mondadori nel 2013), Lie4me Professione bugiarda (Harlequin Mondadori Elit, 2015), Dreamwalker (republished with the title Sweet Dreams) (Youcanprint 2017).
Dreamwalker (now also available in a new version with the title Sweet Dreams) and Imprintng love, were also translated in english, and are available as ebooks in every online bookstore.