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About the author

Carole Archer is a #1 Amazon best-selling author in the erotic science fiction category in both the US and UK.

She lives in the North-east of England and is happily married to a 'vanilla'. Her writing is generally based on her own spanking experiences. It also includes a lot of her new favourite genre, medical play. Although her husband does not share her desire for spanking, for many years he unselfishly encouraged her to go to spanking parties, munches and to be spanked by others. He also accompanied her to parties, reluctantly joining in on a couple of occasions.

Carole has written stories including spanking since her school days, though much of her earlier writing was hidden or destroyed for fear of her being labelled a 'weirdo'. After being told in an English lesson, at the age of 14 or 15, to write a story about ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING, Carole took that literally. She included a spanking scene within her story. After the trauma of being grilled by her teachers, who believed she was being abused, she once again hid her desires away.