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About the author

Dwayne Gill is a new, up-and-coming author with a big imagination. He first thought of the premise of his series "Written By Blood" when he was just twelve years old. Growing up, he loved action movies and larger-than-life heroes, which is evident when reading his writing.
However, as he got older, he became bothered by the typical action figure tropes and the predictability of the plots, causing his series idea to evolve further.

If you like action thrillers, unlikely, conflicted heroes, twists, and character development that has a much deeper moral than most other thrillers in its genre, you'll want to follow the series "Written By Blood."

The two short stories, "Cane's Detour" and "Daniel's Darkness" feature Cane and Daniel, two major characters in his series "Written By Blood." The first novel of the series, "Conviction," will be released in December 2018.

Dwayne Gill lives in Louisiana with his wife, newborn son, and his yellow Labrador Retriever.