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About the author

I’m not myself when I write. On the train in the morning, I’m the last woman you would think was making up stories. I am though. I’m glancing around at the middle aged men in their work suits, putting thoughts in their minds. What are they thinking, surrounded by these pretty young things in their lipstick and skirts?

My friends are women my age and I do have a thing for young guys—fresh out of high school, if I can get them. What fascinates me more, are the wicked thoughts of older men. You have to bottle things up. How I wish I was eighteen again and the focus of all that desire!

We’re going to play a game, you and me. I’m going to let you know that your naughtiest thoughts are okay by me. In fact, we’re going to have them together. In exchange, all you have to do is buy a few books. Just don’t rush reading them, got it? I put a lot of time into the writing. Give them time, and we will have a meeting of minds.

I don’t care if you’re a man in a suit, and college girl in a skirt, a woman like me, or a young man who gets aroused by light breeze. You’re going to make some Lisa Smiles time in your day, and play it my way. Read lying face down—the way that I write. There are links in the back of my books to my tumblr blog, so we can enjoy the same photos together.

Where I’m at in my life? I don’t know! I was hoping for a career change and of becoming a literary agent. I’ve got a profession behind me that keeps me employed and allows me to travel, a lot. I live out of a suitcase all over the world! What I dream of is life in a cabin with wifi, selling just enough eBooks to keep myself fed and well enough groomed to enjoy some hot dates. Writing is taking me increasingly into my own mind, a place I’m happy to be if I know you’re there with me, enjoying the stories I find there.


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