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About the author

Zaphira D is possessed with writing Contemporary Romances, Romantic Short Stories and Romance Novellas. She believes in full passions and electrifying attractions.

She loves drinking coffee while writing unlimited fantasies of craving desires. She creates witty light and kinky dark romances just to satisfy her weird wicked, bizarre imagination with her craziness in mind.
A lover of romance, her creations are sweet sexy passionate desires reflecting her bizarre imagination filled with smart heroines and sexy heroes, always flavored with a dash of pepper and spice, twists and steamy passion.
She is obsessed with reading everything she gets her hands on especially passionate romances, and dark mystery thrillers while relaxing with a glass wine.
When she is not writing or even reading, (but she is creating bizarre romances in thought), she is drinking coffee or red wine with friends and her crazy family.
Apart from her witty romance stories and novels, she loves reading and writing poetry filled with illusions, love, passion, anything that revolves the craziness of the mind as she states in her poetry books.

She says, “I’m a lot weird and a little crazy, or is it the other way around!”