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About the author

The son of a biology professor and a psych nurse, Ken was raised with a healthy grounding in life sciences and as a result, developed an innate skepticism of religion. After high school, he enrolled in a full course load of pure science and math with every intention of pursuing a career in engineering. A year later he changed his mind and enrolled in a full course load of music, majoring in the saxophone and composition. Again, a year later, he quit music and took a few courses in psychology and philosophy while building the portfolio that would eventually gain him entry into Film and Video Production at York University. He graduated from York and was hired to serve coffee to the clients at western Canada’s largest film and television post production facility. Twenty-five years later, he was their post-operations manager. When his children were grown, he retired from working on other people’s art, to create some of his own. Now a graduate of The Writers Studio at Simon Fraser University he lives with his wife on the west coast of British Columbia where he writes commercial fiction.