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About the author

Not that you actually asked or anything, BUT...I have danced with emus (one emu for less than ten seconds, possibly it was chasing me), I've lost approximately 42,371 pens (actually it was 10 pencils and 7 or maybe 29 pens – hey, I don’t have to LOVE math), I was smacked by a glacier (no, I am not the Titanic, and it wasn’t so much a glacier as an ice cube tray that fell on my foot), and I am proud to have claimed victory over Hooked on Phonics. I don’t wear a corset or write poems (although am quite sure could master both, probably if I didn’t want to breathe and learned what a haiku is since it turns out it’s not a fancy martial arts term).
When not writing, I'm a professional disruptive influence and prolific liar. Possibly was Dora The Explorer in another life.

As Katie Bryan, I write romantic comedy and lighthearted chick lit with dogs and cats and, oh yeah, people (lest you think the dogs and cats are having all the fun). The Woof Books are kind of like Marley and Me only they're not sad and only loosely true. Maybe they’d be more alike if Marley was a German Shepherd named Max and worked as a maître d in an Italian restaurant and lived with a neurotic female named Sophie. And if there was a Golden Retriever named Buttercup and a kitten named Tilley. Oh, and a guy named Jack who was the sheriff in a small town who was the neurotic female’s love interest. So, hmmm…Maybe they're a bit more like Turner and Hooch, minus the huge Mastiff and murder. Also a bit like A Dog’s Purpose, but no one dies or gets reincarnated. They've kind of got a “Friends” feel to them only with less people and more dogs. And a cat.

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