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About the author

Daniel J. O’Connor is an intellectual property commercialisation specialist, a management consultant, a business coach, a company director, as well as a business growth expert and author. He is a member of the UN Taskforce for Innovation and Competitiveness and regularly contributes to international membership learning websites.

He has spent 28 years in professional practice specialising in Intellectual Property (IP) commercialisation – helping innovators to get their intellectual property into the market and maximise their success. Currently the Consultant Principal at Incub8IP, Daniel has helped many companies to substantial international trading success with their innovation. He is also a founding member of Formula1forBusiness which helps service professionals to double their net income in months by using a safe and structured set of incremental changes that ‘stick.’

Daniel has planned and managed public and private companies (listed and un-listed) throughout his career, with outstanding results.
He has helped boost companies to success through his advice and mentoring in strategic management, acquisitions, performance management. He has experience and tools in business systems and process improvements, business and industry aggregations, public listings, business coaching and change management.

Daniel has other publications, including the international selling Formula1 for Business (which he has co-written) as well as many e-books and published papers. He also has an abundance of resource materials available for inventors on the Internet, including: