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About the author

About the Author

Devin grew up and attended college in Texas. After studying computer science for a few years, and working in the field for a few more, he decided that he needed a change. He got himself one hell of a change, alright. 

Devin joined the U.S. Army and moved his family half-way across the country... twice... in opposite directions.


Now, things have settled down and that's never a good thing since he gets bored if craziness stops happening. One morning in November of 2016, Devin woke up and decided he was going to write a fantasy book. Why not, right?

Now, The Soul Of Affinity is done drafting and is being edited. He's also got a few short stories in the works (if you like irreverent humor check out Eternal Payment)

I'll make sure I keep his nose to the grindstone and fingers bleeding until he's finished with his edits. Then, finally, we will be able to get our hands on The Soul Of Affinity.