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About the author

International best selling author Vanessa Brooks lives in Sussex England. She has a life long love of history, especially English and American. Her novels are generally historical and she has written a couple of westerns, one notably for the Red Petticoat series which was a huge success in America and won the coveted Spanking Romance award for best series in 2016.
Her own Georgian series, 'Masterful Husbands,' set in the 18th century, has proved highly successful on both sides of the Atlantic.
This author has a knack of bringing an authentic feel into each of her tales. Vanessa researches the given time period and she strives to ensure that any historical facts used in her books are correct.
More importantly, she writes entertaining books for her readers to enjoy. She includes passion, adventure, romance and domestic discipline, de rigueur for women living in past eras.

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Vanessa loves to hear from her readers and you can contact her at : [email protected]
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