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About the author

Madison was born the youngest of three children in a central Pennsylvania household. She spent most of her childhood attempting to live up to the precedents set by her older siblings (including her big sister Lucy Score—she’s kind of a big deal).

Under the tutelage of her middle school librarian mother, Madison developed a life-long love of reading at a young age. While Madison was waiting for a letter from Hogwarts that never arrived, she began writing scary stories and truly awful fan fiction.

Madison’s tastes eventually improved, and, to her parents’ horror, she decided to get a degree in Creative Writing (because how could that possibly go wrong?). Madison dabbled in advertising and office management after school, but her real full-time job was trying to learn how to be an adult (What exactly is an IRA? Are yoga pants business casual?). She finally wrote her first novel, The Proposal Planner, when she was nearly a year out of college and realized she had done absolutely nothing with her life.

Madison currently works in a hospital, and her encounters with patients serve as a never-ending stream of inspiration for works in progress. Madison and her boyfriend, Mr. Madison, live in a college town in the heart of central Pennsylvania.