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About the author

J.R. Wirth is an award-winning author and native of Southern California. Raised in Azusa, he now hails from San Bernardino. J.R. is recognized for his extensive work in the helping field. He is a licensed psychotherapist with a long list of accomplishments, including a 15-year stretch as a domestic violence counselor and trainer, and head of a disaster response team. J.R. had a stint as a university professor, and even spent time as a child abuse investigator.
J.R.'s most recent book is the third in the Christmas Town series: "Return to the Town Beneath the Christmas Tree," and features Hailey, Isaiah, and the rest of the Christmas crew. The first two books are featured in the bestselling series: “Twisted Family Holidays Collection,” which is a highly rated collection of short stories that surround popular holidays, and are loosely based on real life situations. The TFHC is available in kindle and paperback, individually, or as a collection. Three of the TFHC books are available in audio format as well. “In Passing” (Linkville Press) is J.R.'s first full-length, award winning, release. The epic paranormal tale has been highly rated and takes the reader on parallel adventures that are sure to remain in your mind long after you've finished.

J.R.'s "Day of the Dead" was highlighted in the "Code Redhead" project from Books To Go Now publishing. It is now a standalone story and is sure to thrill those who enjoy psychological thrillers.

Soon to be released are two full-length novels, including the recently contracted, suspense novel, "Avenging Angels" (TouchPoint Press). The thrilling tale was inspired by his time as a child abuse investigator in California's Riverside County. And keep an eye out for the re-release of the gripping suspense tale, "Saving Michael." It was originally released, and then taken down within days, by the publisher who had to dissolve due to legal issues.

In the summer of 2017, J.R. released "Destined," which is part of an anthology. Destined is a short autobiographical story about his time as the quarterback for the Gladstone Gladiators, high school football team. They were picked to finish last in the league, having won only 1-game in the previous three years. As a junior, he wasn't even expected to play, but destiny provided a different ending. As part of the anthology, J.R. assisted his coach, Roy Rhino, and All League wide receiver, Jim Joyce, to compile a highly rated chronicle of their experiences during that "Unlikely Season."

Besides traditional publishing, J.R. has several pieces published—including a poem and several short stories in online venues. In all his works, J.R. combines ordinary people with extraordinary circumstances, to create characters that jump off the page and straight into the readers’ heart and psyche. He remains dedicated to the craft of writing, highlighting the conflict, frailty, and hero in all of us. Look for J.R. at Amazon, Barns and Noble, and Goodreads.