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About the author

Terri Meeker is supposed to write her author blurb in the third person. It’s just how things are done. She shouldn’t question it, but then she’s always been difficult. Even in high school, her best friend’s mother described her as ‘eccentric’ before urging her daughter to make friends with a nice, normal girl.

Born in Wyoming, Terri now lives on Fidalgo Island in Washington State. An ex-history teacher, she’s loved learning about the past since childhood and has been fortunate to live in lots of interesting places: Washington DC, Philadelphia, Virginia Beach, Albuquerque, Missouri and Mons, Belgium. She’s a mom of 3 humans, two dogs and two cats. She’s also a wanna-be sailor, a gamer and a ginormous nerd. Needless to say, she loves to write.

Terri is really getting into this third person thing and thinks it will give her a lot of gravitas during future dinner conversations. She thinks you should probably start doing it as well. Oh, and you should absolutely connect on FB or drop her a line. She’s really friendly.