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Carol Madison

Carol Madison writes contemporary erotic romance, and is now debuting with Serena’s Plight, the first book in her Goddess of Ivy trilogy. Serena’s Plight is followed by the release of Serena the goddess on Aug. 12, 2016, and concluding with Serena’s Choice on Oct. 7, 2016.

While romance is about love, and erotica is about sex, Carol prefers erotic romance because it includes both love and sex, and most importantly, it allows readers to see what shapes characters’ development on both sides of the bedroom door.

“Real people are affected by their sex drives to varying degrees, from disinterest, to average, to ravenous. I believe many stories may be told best by including that aspect of their characters’ lives, and if some readers enjoy passages that stir their own sexual passions, that can enhance the story for them. My husband and I have both benefited in our bedroom from what I’ve learned while reading sexual scenes in other writers’ books, and I hope some of my readers can benefit in the same way from my stories, in addition to being entertained by a good thought-provoking plot.”

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