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About the author

I'm so proud and extremely thankful to my readers for making me a USA Today Bestselling author and Amazon top 10 best selling author!

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I love writing romances that I'd want to live in. I like my men with a mind as dirty as sin, a bit of an attitude, and a heart of gold they try to keep hidden away. I absolutely love writing about BDSM, but it's not featured in all of my stories. Check the bottom of my bio for a super quick breakdown of my books and which one might suit your style.

I stepped away from my job as a high school teacher to pursue my dream of writing in October of last year. Writing had always been my dream, but it took having my two beautiful daughters to push me to follow through with it. I wanted to be able to show my girls that nothing is impossible. No dream is too big. No matter what anyone tells them.

They just have to look at their mommy to see it. Being a positive example for my girls is worth all the late nights, doubts, and fears that come with being a writer. I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Whew! Look at me getting emotional over here. It's just an author bio, Penelope!

If you're just discovering me for the first time, writing has been a journey for me and my own tastes and style have grown along the way. This is the order I wrote my books in and a quick note about the style and what you can expect in the book.

The Citrione Crime Family:
(All my mafia books feature hard men with a hefty dose of danger. The plots are steamy and action packed with just a hint of darkness).
Book 1: His
Book 2: Mine
Book 3: Dark

Punished (BDSM Billionaire Romance) - Light BDSM, strong emotional themes.
Single Dad Next Door (Fake Marriage Romance) - Romantic comedy with plenty of steam and a fun small town mechanic plot.
The Dom's Virgin (BDSM Billionaire Romance and Fake Marriage) - Light BDSM, strong emotional themes.
Single Dad's Virgin (Billionaire Fake Marriage Romance) - Romantic comedy with lots of fun and lots of steam.
Single Dad's Hostage (Billionaire Hostage Romance) - Serious themes with some light comedy
Punished by the Prince (Royalty/Fantasy BDSM) - Fairy-tale elements, danger, plenty of steam, and some action
The Bodyguard (Second-Chance Romance) - Fun and unique plot, comedic notes, plenty of fun banter and plenty of steam with some action as well.
Miss Matchmaker (Small Town Romance) - Still one of my favorite couples I've written <3 This one will make you swoon, laugh, and it might make you want to find a private place to read, too.
Knocked Up by the Dom (BDSM Billionaire Romance) - This is an insta-love secret baby story. This is the steamiest story I've written and it definitely doesn't take it's time getting there. You'll want to read this one somewhere private!