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About the author

“A bit wild. Okay, more than a bit wild.”

Jade Carr heard those words throughout her childhood. Not one to ignore a compliment, she dove into adulthood with the same frame of mind. She has done many things before and since reaching adulthood, most of them legal, and sees no reason to change. Maybe it’s spending most of her life in Florida where a minimum of clothes is par for the course. Maybe it’s dropping out of college three times before knuckling down and getting that degree. Maybe it’s her wildly out of control imagination. Whatever the reason, she decided the time has come to corral the fictional characters clogging up her mind and turn them into words on a page. Wherever this delightful and sometimes overwhelming compulsion takes her, she all in.

She lives with her understanding and supportive family in Florida indulging in seafood and trying to keep alligators out of the yard.