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About the author

I write books. I suppose you already know that or you wouldn't be reading about me here! I write paranormal/supernatural suspense romance novels, including ‘The Brothers Series –Ties That Bind' that won a 3rd place award for best-unfinished novel before the work was completed. Since then, I've gone on to write several more novels and have no plans to stop writing, ever!
As crazy as it may seem, I love Werewolves or Weres as my characters like to call themselves. They aren't monsters, but merely ordinary people who have the extraordinary ability to turn into wolves. Their stories excite me, and because I created them, there's no telling what situations I will put them in or what might happen next!
While I do love a happy ever after ending, sometimes life isn't like that at all. My characters may not get everything they want, but things have other ways of working out.
On a personal level, I love Lucky Charms, nighttime walks in the snow beneath a full moon, and lazy afternoons floating in a kayak down the river.