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About the author

I’m a hetero male that enjoys outside-the-box erotica that puts believable characters in kinky predicaments and sticky relationships.

I write what I find sexy and can’t be found elsewhere. That means more sex than a romance novel yet better character development than your favorite website. I think there's a 90's deodorant commercial reference... how does it go?

Emotionally Complex Enough for a Woman, But Made for a Man.

My favorite stories involve a cuckquean and cuckcake (also known as a "reverse cuckold" relationship). This results in a three-way relationship with two women and one man (FFM) where power, possession, and morality get messy. Lesbian/bisexual elements sometimes exist too (I'll let you know in the book's blurb if they do).

It may sound like every straight man's fantasy... and it is... but the depth of possibilities is endless. I hope that you enjoy.