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About the author

Kyra Parsi is a New Adult and Contemporary Romance author who thinks it's a little strange to write about yourself in third-person, so she's going to stop now.

A little bit about me: I like reading, cinnamon buns (NO raisins, though), rainy days, and shamelessly procrastinating by binge-watching my favorite shows (20th re-binging of The Office, anyone?). I DON'T like raisins in my food, being cold, scary movies (most of the time they're just gross? idgi), or black liquorice.

I've been obsessed with reading since as far back as I can remember. I spent entire summers in my childhood and early teens with weekly trips to the library, leaving with as many books as I could possibly carry. Never once, though, did I think I would ever end up writing one. But here I am!
It took about ten minutes of sitting down and giving it a try to figure out that this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. It just immediately clicked for me. The process of writing my first book allowed me to finally understand what people mean when they say they love their job.

I can only hope that my readers enjoy reading these stories just as much as I loved writing them.