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About the author

I'm currently working on a post-apocalyptic romance novel. I have a draft done and I've started editing. I'm currently hoping to release this novel in October. To receive an ARC of this novel please follow me on this account.

I hope to write more full-length books in the future. To stay up to date on my progress or to participate in an ARC for an upcoming novel please follow me under this pen name. For short works of erotica please follow me under M. Reed.

Stirred Cinders:

And that was the way the world ended. Not with a whimper, but with a bang.

...At least, that's the way it ended for most people. Generations later, a large pre-war bomb shelter is one of the few vestiges of humanity remaining after a nuclear apocalypse.

To the people living in the bomb-shelter turned underground city, Departure is more than just a chance for survival, it's the only home they've ever known. When Cora, who has recently come of age in Departure, is informed of her future spousal assignment, she balks at the arrangement. Devastated that she wasn't paired with her boyfriend, Cora begins to question Departure's rules and traditions and lands herself in hot water. Can Cora defy the will of the city, and her father, to find true love? And when she tries to buck the system, will she be able to handle it when the system bucks back?

This book contains scenes with adult content and language. Reader discretion is advised.