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About the author

Anita Gray is the Amazon Bestselling Author of BLAIRE, BLAI2E, & There’s Something about BLAIRE. Since publishing in December 2016, Anita has topped the author ranks on amazon for #2 in Erotica, #2 in BDSM, #2 in Romantic, #3 in Erotica Thrillers, and #3 in Action and Adventure. Anita has also earned awards for #1 Best UK Author, #1 Best Psychological Romance, #1 Best BDSM, #3 Favourite Dark Romance Author, and was nominated for the Summer Indie Book Awards 2017 for Best Romance.

Anita in a nutshell: she’s obsessed with The Walking Dead and The Originals, loves books of all genres, tolerates rock music, and detests TV without meaning. She thanks her readers and fellow bloggers – who she adores beyond words – for supporting her throughout her journey. She admits she couldn’t live without her family, the beating heart to her life. She owes everything to Shane.

You can find and interact with Anita on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. She's always online – no joke – come keep her company.