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About the author

Parker Pascal is an erotica author who makes his home in central North Carolina. He enjoys working in a variety of kinks, including hotwife, cuckold, menage, gay, lesbian, and others. Nothing turns him on more than a story of self-discovery in which someone is tempted by an opportunity to do something they've only thought about while lying quietly in bed at night ... alone. He knows that every person, no matter how conservative or shy or prudish they might seem, has secret desires. And he knows that every person has a button that can be pushed that, in just the right circumstances, will drive them toward making those desires come alive. Parker wants to find those buttons.

They say you're either a Beatles guy or an Elvis guy. Parker's a Beatles guy. He also loves dogs, cooking, movies, and his sexy wife. And reading, of course. He loves horror, suspense, true crime, political history, scifi/fantasy, and good erotica (he thinks the world needs more of the last).