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About the author

Robert Malinovski is a computer expert and author of technical computer books on subjects covering programming and software. Born in Poland towards the end of the communist era, Robert took an interest in computing at an early age and after leaving school he took a course at a local college in his home city of Krakow.
At the successful completion of this course he travelled to the United States and it was while there that he was offered a job, helping to develop software for a new and growing company.
Having worked in the industry now for almost a decade, Robert has turned his talents to writing as he realized that many of the books on computing were just too complex for a novice to understand. He now strives to write books that are accessible for most people who want to know more about the complexities of computer programming and the software required.
In his free time Robert likes to run and cycles every day to keep fit. He enjoys going to the beach for long walks or visiting his local Italian restaurant for a nice meal. He lives just north of Los Angeles with his wife and their young son, but still travel home to Poland once a year to visit family and friends.
In the future Robert intends to write more books on computing in his spare time, while still doing the job he loves.