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About the author

Nicci in a nutshell:

1: I'm a pretend extrovert.
2: I'm terrified of Owls. Seriously, they are the perfect predator, and have that whole exorcist head spinning thing going on. And did you know they have weird long legs under all those feathers. . . like, what's that all about?
3: I'm a winoholic. . . which really means I'm an alcoholic but it sounds less in the need of steps and tokens.
4: I hate tomato wedges, but I'll eat tomatoes prepared any other way.
5: I looooooove cheese. My belly is proof of that.
6: I write the same kind of stories I like to read. They have alpha males, dark pasts, character growth, single minded infatuation, hot steamy sex scenes, and witty banter.
7: I live in Perth. That's in Western Australia by the way. . . the forgotten state. We have Kings Park, The Swan River, and a weird bell tower that is super ugly, but we do have epic weather and so many white sandy beaches that you don't have to share them. Unless you have a dog. . . because apparently dog owners only need a kilometre to run their pooches, which means you're tripping over dogs while a few metres along the beach a couple sits alone on the other side of the invisible line. . . smirking.
8: You may have noticed. . . sometimes I like to rant.
9: I'm a real mum and a feral cat mum.
10: I'm married to an amazing man.
That's it for me. . . Nicci out.