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About the author

I live in the "great" state of Louisiana-- Baton Rouge -- where the air is always thick with humidity and sky swirled in grey. Aside from bars, there is little to do in this dense town; consumed in poverty and politics. We are known for our swamps and bayous and although one's curiosity can lurk deep into that murky water, the truth is, all you will find is a cloud of mosquitoes and the piercing black eyes of rattlesnakes. My fascination with Louisiana died long ago.

I spend a lot of time ruminating about the soggy existence I live. My only comfort is a glass of scotch with rattling ice cubes and a dwindling cigarette. Ironically, the agony of the burning tobacco holds no marvel when you see the flames of misery in my fiery eyes. I may live in this state, but that does not mean I have to like it. Of course, I want to leave-- vanish-- disappear like a shadow to a rising sun. The family keeps me here. That and there is somebody I love. Sadly, I love, but I love alone-- he will never understand my anxious eyes nor the timid beat of my heart when he smiles at me. I have always hated when people smile, but the boyish grin that stretches across his face is the most genuine display of joy I have ever seen. It makes me think that there is some hope in a world blanketed in pain. I quickly remind myself that he is out of grasp and thus, the scotch flows like water from a tap. Although I might be a man with no hope, at least I am not too naive to admit it.

My name is Max, and I went to Louisiana State University. I have a degree in liberal arts. My first publication was in sixth grade in the "National Anthology of Young Poets." It was a big deal. I wrote my first full-length book at age sixteen and managed to publish it at age eighteen. Since then I have released several pieces, but I have kept most of my work to myself. My father always taught me that there is no such thing as a perfect manuscript and I believe that with all my heart. However, I also know that perfection is not achievable. I am releasing some nonfiction work on Near-Death Experiences. Follow me because, in time, I will publish some pieces that are quite good. If I can say that about my work -- And I am somebody who dwells on perfection -- Either the work is good or I am mad. (To be honest, I think it is a little of both!)