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About the author

Update: I'm currently planning to release a romance/women's fiction novel in October under my other pen name. To be involved in my ARC for this novel please follow my other pen name:

I write short erotic stories of all types, but I especially enjoy writing paranormal or unusual erotica. I originally started writing these shorts to test the water in the self-publishing pool, and now I really enjoy it! Aside from being fun, writing erotic shorts allows me to work on a wide variety of projects and serves as a palate cleanser while working on longer projects.

My current goal is to offer more free or discounted shorts to readers who follow me and to publish shorts more frequently. I'm also going to work more seriously on full-length romance novels. These titles, when published, will be under a slightly different pen name (M.J. Reed) in order to separate longer, romance novels from my erotic shorts. If any of my erotica readers would like to participate in an ARC program for my romance pen name, please consider following me under this pen name as well:

Thanks for reading!