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About the author

Tobey Alexander is the name I use to write under. My books come from a desire to create a world into which I can escape, when writing, but others can escape to by reading. Writing has always been in the background even through College, University and eventually through my career, which is unrelated to my persona as an author. My motivation to publish my stories came from the fact my own young children have enjoyed the stories I have told them over the years and I wanted to be able to say “this is what you can do if you believe in yourself.” There is a story inside everyone and the fact my main series, The Magdon Series, is born from a story I made up for my middle son makes them all the more personal and less commercial.

Seeing my children run away with my story, play it and believe what I was telling them really fuelled me in releasing the series. All the more so other people would be able to talk to them about the stories without them being considered as made as their old man!

Writing has always been a release for me. Through my formative years I would always have a book on the go, I love reading and watching TV Series and Films and consider my magination to be a very visual one. The fact I have to play out every scene I write to make sure it "looks” right before I commit it to paper makes the whole process more enjoyable for me as it is the best of both worlds.

I am well aware that my main area of expertise sits well away from writing fiction but it is something I enjoy doing and feel the stories represent stories into which people can escape. I continue to grow my ideas, seeing ideas in the everyday world and allowing my imagination to run away is the greatest release for me and allows me to take a step away from the world I work in and in the process create something I can share. The one thing I thrivefor in every story is heart, a connection beyond just telling a story and knowing that in years to come my own children will flick through the pages and smile knowing they’re not the only ones who know the stories now.

Being a father of three, moderately good husband, full-time worker, gym fanatic and lover of the outdoors finding time to tap away at the keyboard can sometimes be difficult. I live with a leather journal with ,e everywhere I go so I can jot down the little tangents my brain seems to take as I’m out and about. From there I can let the stories grow and release the imagination onto the page when I get the chance.

I hope that one days people look at my books with a knowing smile and can speak to me about the characters I have created like a shared knowledge. There’s nothing better than knowing other people can see and hear the things you have created. It perhaps makes me feel a little less mad knowing that my story isn’t just a wild movie of my mind and that others have lived it, breathed it and hopefully enjoyed it.

Hopefully, my stories won’t disappoint as I intend them to grown with my children so there is much more to come from this addle brain of a mad dad and wannabe in the great world of authors, alongside everything else.

Thank you letting me fill your imaginations with my madness.