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About the author

While growing up in suburban New Jersey, I spent a good chunk of my time agonizing over what to wear and reading about happily-ever-after’s. Although I commuted to New York City for design school, I spent my two-hour travel time devouring every romance novel I could get my hands on. After college, I met a nice boy whose ambitions were just as oversized as mine, and he miraculously elected to put a ring on it.

We’ve moved six times in seven years, adding a little munchkin to our ranks. My husband quickly recognized, by the staggering number of book orders I placed, one: he needed a larger library for me, and two: I had a heady obsession with romance. The day before our son’s first birthday he suggested I write a book of my own. The seed had been planted, and the roots took hold. Little did he know what he’d done…cue the evil chuckle.

Following in the footsteps of my favorite authors I began writing, not well I might add, but with time comes knowledge and many months later I’d written my first book. So much of my conviction came from writers like, Sylvia Day, Kresley Cole, Jeannette Grey and writing duo Christina Lauren. All the authors who came before me, the ones who helped pave the path for creativity, inspire me daily. As I write into the wee hours of the morning, I hope to someday motivate another writer much like myself to pursue a dream he or she never thought possible.

I’m a member of Romance Writers of America, and their affiliated North-East Ohio Romance Writers chapter, New York City chapter, as well as their Contemporary Romance online chapter. My first writing conference was an awe-inspiring chaotic euphoria, which changed my life forever. With my incredible writing pals, I continue to edit and edit and edit with the faint light at the end of a dark tunnel to publication in sight.