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About the author

SHIBA ANIE is a romance and erotica author who writes from both her heart and her mind. As a housewife, she was used to spending her days taking care of her home and her loving husband. Until one day, when she needed to put some spark back into their lives. So she used the best tool she had – her own imagination. Soon, she began writing romantic and erotic tales, not only to satisfy her, but to help all the other women out there in the same situation.
As a lifelong reader of romance novels, she combines her hobby with her fascination with human behavior. She knows that when the sexual attraction is electric, there’s no telling just how far people will take their passions. With her vivid imagination and the stroke of a pen, she’s able to weave fun and entertaining tales of romance that burst with erotic delight. And once you get your hands on a Shiba Anie story… you’ll find it very difficult to keep your hands to yourself.