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About the author

In a previous life, I was an aspiring author. Then, I died. So after years of convincing my surviving spouse to stop moping about and publish my novels, we agreed that I would be the ghostwriter from the other side. Though, I do admit, that this arrangement is more lucrative for him. There’s no new news here from God land … well, nothing you haven’t already heard. As for my surviving partner, he found a guy and is now married. (I do have some pull with The Almighty.) You’d think I’d be jealous, but oddly not. He lives in Baltimore, Maryland and can be found in his Jacuzzi, with a single-malt whisky and a cheap cigar.

He has traveled throughout the lower forty-eight states, Canada and on the Continent. For over a decade he was a journalist for Ride&Drive Features, writing new-car road-test columns for the web site and myriad lifestyle publications. He was a horrible editor until I gave him a red pen — worst mistake of my, then life. Lastly, he is fluent in American Sign Language, ergo he is good with his hands. Never you mind!