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About the author

Patricia M. Bryce began her career as an author with the publication of a short Steampunk story “The Soul of the Sky Queen” in the anthology Dreams of Steam: Gadgets published by Dark Oak Press, but she began her writing in earnest with fan fiction. Inspired and motivated by publication, she dusted off her fanfic and turned it into the original YA Fantasy series, Forged.

But Patricia isn’t afraid to tackle any genre that strikes her fancy, from her coming-of-age romance Close to You to her ALT-historical novel Princess in Hiding. And her paranormal tale, Ghost in the Well.

In her own words: "Someone asked when I began to write. The simple answer is that I've written stories as long as I've known how to put two words together. From simple tales of our day, to the more fantastical tales of the Fae world, and even the world of young romance."