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About the author

Meagan Parker is a native of Northern Heights, a quaint little hilltop community overlooking a
gorgeous private lake. She’s a free spirit from the Silver Generation who loves spending time
with the love of her life, Morgan.

Together, they take care of her vibrant, yet aging Baby Boomer mother, Annie Laura DeVito.
As a couple, they spend their evenings watching the sunset on their balcony with their funny-
looking dog, Buster, who actually resembles a little lion.

For recreation, she enjoys participating and indulging in what she considers extreme sports and strange hobbies. Her favorite past times include practicing beach motorbike stunts, watching mini motorbike racing and designing paperweight guns… yes, she’s a geek.

Meagan spends her alone time studying planet Venus. It reminds her of herself, as it was named after the Roman goddess of beauty and love who eventually evolved into an arrogant, sensual, sex-loving deity. Although she was married to Vulcan, the god of fire, her heart always belonged to Mars, the brave god of war.

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To Meagan, she is much like Goddess Venus, also known in Greek mythology as Aphrodite. She
considers herself eternally youthful, gorgeous, and the epitome of sexuality. And, just like the
planet, during bedroom time, she’s Morgan’s self-proclaimed Evening Star.

Her fulfilling, exhilarating sex life is her inspiration for her erotica titles. She uses her past as a
privileged, wealthy rich heiress to pen erotic short stories about wealth, deep romantic fates,
family mysteries, unsolved crimes, and of course, sex.