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About the author

I'm not much on talking about myself, but I suppose if you're here it's because you'd like to know more than you already do. Here goes...

I've been writing since I was nine years old, maybe younger but certainly by then. In the recesses of some bag or box back home, there's a painful attempt at writing a story about full-grown people. As a full-time schoolchild, I naturally wrote the date on it. I've no idea of what the story line was, but like most of my early efforts I never finished it.
In fact, except for a few short stories written for a college magazine competition (The Crowder Quill), I never finished anything until the fall of 2005. In three months I wrote the original draft of Silver Princess, which I called Silver Dreams. Then I promptly went on an eighteen-month mission for the LDS Church.
When I got back, I fiddled with the story off and on for the next five years. Finally, with or without a few mistakes, I swallowed my fears, said a prayer, and signed an electronic contract with Amazon. Since then I’ve been bumbling about the internet, trying to sort through contradictory information, dozens of social websites, and so forth.
I know this has been more about my writing than me, but my writing is why I’m here and I imagine why you’re here.