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About the author

My name is Yenpri Laypil, author, philosopher and dreamer! It's a pleasure to connect with you! A little bit about me...born in a humble town called, Shallcross, I grew up on a healthy diet of Conan the Barbarian for breakfast, X-Men (Favorite Mutant - Wolverine) for lunch and Beast Wars (Favorite Autobot - The man himself, Optimus Prime!) for dinner. Whenever I wasn't "diablorating" (this is a term used for excessive playing of the computer game, Diablo) with my cousins, I was playing cricket outside with the very same cousins. During my school holidays, I would nurture my pet Pomeranian as well as my Pokemon (Don't know why but I loved Fire Type Pokemon, Charmander was my choice) and when the day was done, I would settle down and watch all of the Star Wars movies from episode I to VI (Love Yoda and Qui-Gon Jinn). I grew up to become a leading biotechnologist with a penchant for making breakthroughs both in the lab and on paper. I simply love writing and started writing essays and short stories from a very young age. The first stories I ever wrote were within the Outcast of the Dark Knight series. Along with my wife Serenity Peterson, we also wrote a fantastic children's book series called, "The Paw Prints of Conan the King" and an insightful book about our Pregnancy journey together. I have also written an action thriller, "Rhino Was Rhino Is" and a romantic comedy, "An Interview with Mr. Fountain." All our books are listed on You can check 'em out right here and follow us on Facebook or Twitter, just type in @ylaypil to find us.