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About the author

Tommy Cursi is on a very exciting journey.  This journey began 30 years ago and is one of continual self-discovery and self-mastery.  He began his working life as an electrician but always had a sense of a greater energy at work in his life. Eager to learn more, he has surrounded himself with the greatest authors, mentors and spiritual teachers. He survived the fire walking seminars of the 90's and if there is a book ever written on self-help, then he probably has it in his library.

But Tommy has done something very different from most travelers on the self-help journey. He has had the courage to take action. He has applied, experimented and practiced the teachings, and employed them with a spirit of humility and self-reliance. He has spent the last 30 years as a brave explorer - failing, learning, growing and laughing along the way at this incredible life adventure.

And then, one day there came a defining moment, when he realized the effort he had invested in self-mastery, the generous spirit he had fostered, could truly help other people transform heartache into hope. As a real estate agent, he was tasked with showing a man in a wheel chair around houses for sale. During the trip he had an overwhelming sense of gratitude that he was healthy enough to help another human being in need. In this moment, his life’s mission became very clear to him - to help others enhance their lives.

Since this time, Tommy has been searching for ways to share his learnings, and his gifts of gratitude and generosity. In the spirit of service, he has been finding unique ways to take action for others, and this book is just one way he is sharing his gifts with this world. It is an offering from this author to you with every wish for a life filled with peace and happiness.