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About the author

Author Biography

Richard Robertson is a zealous Fitness Trainer and an Author who shares an incredible passion for helping individuals achieve their fitness goals. Based in Baltimore, Maryland, he always had an insatiable desire for athletics and devoted the majority of his youth in the circles of football, wrestling, and track. Over the years, Richard experienced his passion for sports transition into a never-ending love for health and fitness. This inspired him to pursue his passion as a profession and embark on a professional journey as a personal trainer and fitness coach.
Richard Robertson is a co-founder of a Fitness Center and a spirited author whose words are directed to help individuals succeed in the quest for better health and fitness. He takes inspiration from being a beacon of hope for individuals who are yearning to get in shape and bring back their life on the right track. Richard's greatest source of inspiration comes from witnessing his clients break the barricades of dejection and build the perfect body they deserve.
Richard Robertson's new book focuses solely on individuals who want to unveil the secret of staying fit after 40. He takes pride in inspiring individuals to achieve more and be a better version of themselves. Richard spends the majority of his time in his fitness center and authoring books to help direct individuals on the fastest route to better health and fitness. He strives to capitalize on his years of experience to help others inject their lives with fitness, health, and happiness.