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About the author

My name is Dr Lydia Elisabeth Myburgh. I am a medical doctor and studied medicine in Germany at the Universities at Kiel as well as Bonn where I also completed my doctoral thesis. After being a doctor in Germany in the field of ophthalmology I followed my dreams and immigrated to South Africa where I got married. Ever since I worked for the public health sector in South Africa in general medicine as well as - mostly - in Paediatrics and am currently employed by the Department of Health in the Free State to support the management of children with drug resistant tuberculosis as main focal point at the university.
I have a great interest in natural medicine as well as environmental factors that enhance health as well as factors that cause disease. This lead to the development of natural care products that are homemade, called "Belle Aire Natural Care" and finally inspired me to start writing books on healthy diet called "Save your life with keto diet". After having researched the ketogenic diet in theory I find it most important to put the theory into practice. This lead to the further books. Currently I am busy with a recipe book that is in line with the healthy diet recommendations while being easy to succeed.