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About the author

A former schoolteacher, Rachel Burgess has an all-encompassing love for children and a profound passion for grooming young minds in their developmental stages. It started at age twelve when she, a kid herself, had to step up and pitch in to assist her single mom with her two younger siblings--she knew she had to set a good example for them to follow.
All through college, she babysat part-time, not just for the extra cash, but because she enjoyed being around kids, with their wild, imaginative minds and endless questions.
At forty-one, now a wife and a mother of three, Rachel has mastered the art of nurturing and exhorting not just young ones but humans in general, with extreme patience, kindness, and empathy.
To her friends and family, Rachel might be known as "the best hostess" and "an amazing cook," but her true confidence lies in teaching, advising, and imparting every bit of wisdom she has gleaned over the years and through experience. She has been a guest speaker at numerous parenting conferences, local events, and podcasts.
In addition to teaching monthly parenting classes, hosting an annual parenting workshop, writing helpful, instructional books, and administering Sunday school at her local church, Rachel is also a private tutor and parenting coach. Her goal is to help as many young people as possible whilst learning and adapting each day to a rapidly evolving world designed to steal and hold young minds captive.
When she's not teaching, writing, or coaching, you can find Rachel bonding with her own kids, planning date nights with her loving husband, or watching re-runs of Grey's Anatomy.