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About the author

The author, Alex A. Trubnikov, is a young entrepreneur who has faced many conflicts in his life. At first, he transferred his life from Israel all the way to Los Angeles at a very young age with no experience, friends, or knowledge about the culture or even the language. For his 20th birthday, the author wrote the book "20 Lessons From A 20-Year-old F*ckup" about his most important lessons that he has learned in his life. No one is perfect and therefore Alex wants to share his lessons and mistakes he had throughout his life. From swimming, high school, college, culture, and many more topics discussed in the book with much more information.

The author is currently a full time in college who loves trying new things and learning as much as possible. Alex wanted to be different and therefore started reading more book about entrepreneurship and business and started his own business in 2018. There are many things the author has done so far but the sky is the limit and that's where the author is shooting with his dreams.