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About the author

Elle Limpkin is the author of the upcoming trilogy Protector of Hidden Worlds, written under L.A. Limpkin. She spent the last ten years writing stories in various genres until she found her passion for science fiction and fantasy.

She has published two novels, Initiation and A Conflict in Time, the first two books of the Protector of the Hidden Worlds Trilogy. With a strong passion for learning, she pursues every avenue that can help perfect her writing skills: writing and grammar courses, blogs, and, of course, lots of writing.

When she’s not glued to the keyboard, writing stories, she enjoys watching her favorite shows (you cannot rewatch Doctor Who or Stargate SG1 too many times), plays guitar or travels to discover new places.

She has a passion for training and public speaking and, in an ideal world, she uses it to help writers grow. Nothing is better than knowing you made a difference!