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About the author

Martyn is married to his wife, Rachael, and has two young children. He lives in a small village on the Staffordshire Cheshire border and is employed full time as a director at a small manufacturing unit. He has always been interested in writing, and over the years has spent many hours writing for pleasure on forums, as well as writing some short stories. ”The Last Dragon Slayer” is his first novel, and his second book, “The Verkreath Horror”, form part of the “Deathsworn Arc” series (5 books, plus a prequel novella as of Jan 2020). He has long been an avid reader of Terry Pratchett’s “Discworld,” and it was partly due to his love of this fantasy series, that he sought to write his own “epic fantasy” books. Unlike Terry Pratchett’s work, his books have a darker tone and address some adult themes, including questions of faith and moral philosophy.

Martyn has many other varied interests. He is recently completed an Open University Open degree, comprising half science and half Creative Writing. He achieved a distinction in 'Advanced Creative Writing' having scored 88% for his final assignment - a 30 minute Science Fiction script. The course material has helped provide inspiration and ideas for his books. The course has also led him to read a number of other science-based books for pleasure, which has further strengthened his atheist leanings.

Martyn is interested in video games and gaming culture, particularly fantasy adventure and role-playing games. He enjoys playing the guitar, and spent a few years in a rock band during his miss-spent youth! These days he tends to find himself at the piano, muttering the immortal words, 'I'll never master this infernal instrument!' Besides this, he has always had an interest in martial arts, and although no longer practising, due to family commitments, he holds a second-degree black belt in Taekwondo. For a long time this was something he wanted to resume doing. Sadly, age now has the better of him. His latest hobby, which he embarked upon during 2019 is serious 'Chess'. Currently he's still rubbish, but he's less rubbish at it than he was six months ago...