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About the author

Welcome, I'm Nicole Adamz.

When I'm not in the Land of Schism, I enjoy delving into other worlds. I enjoy reading, writing, and watching Sci-Fi, Steampunk, Cyberpunk, and Historical Fiction genres when I'm not among Fantasy realms. My husband and I play World of Warcraft weekly, and I'm a Slytherclaw. I also watch Asian dramas and anime, and I read webtoons and manga.

Although I'm often indoors, I absolutely love being outside! A part of me wishes that I lived on a tropical island (sunshine is life!), but my husband would turn into a crispy husk and expire. I'm not a fan of cold weather unless it snows. Snow is permitted. For one week only. *nods imperiously*

In the limited amount of free time that I have, I also draw chibi and anime versions of my characters and post them on my website (along with random articles about my life as a writer: The Write Life). So, if you're the type of reader who enjoys seeing that, please feel free to drop by my website! If you're the type of reader who enjoys drawing versions of your favorite characters and mine grab your imagination, you can reach out to me via the contact form on my website. I will consider posting any artwork that you would like to submit. *Note: I do not accept and will not post anything with lewd, sexual, or inappropriate material.