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About the author

Chris Fritschi started his writing career at five years old with his dad's felt tip pen and the kitchen wall.

He grew up on George Romero, Star Trek, Tom Clancy, Star Wars and Rambo, a formula for a creating enthralling stories in science fiction, action, paranormal, and adventure novels.

Currently, he's working on The Grave Digger series, an action packed thrill ride that will have you hooked right up to the last page. It’s Tom Clancy meets Dawn of the Dead and X-Files, and it’s guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat. Jack Tate, ex-Delta operator, has assembled a rag-tag team of rookies. This motley group of wannabes is all he has to go up against a post apocalyptic world of undead and living danger.

His free prequel, Hard Contact, is now available. It's a terrifying introduction to the world Chris has created and something you don't want to miss.