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About the author

Sabrina predominately writes dark fantasy, urban fantasy, and epic fantasy—almost always including high-action and romance, because, yes. She also loves writing contemporary and paranormal romance, thriller, and horror (welcome to the dark side…). She strives to create strong, unforgettable characters with gripping plots to evoke not only emotions but also mind-altering messages to her audience. She secretly loves villains—don’t worry, she supports pleasant endings. Oh, and the sarcastic and bold characters happen to be her favorites!

One of the most important things to her is the power of the imagination. She’s happy to share a piece of hers with her readers one story at a time.

Sabrina currently lives in Scottsdale, Arizona with her brother on their writing adventure! When Sabrina isn’t writing or daydreaming, she continues the magic with cooking, health, and exercise. Want to get in contact? Don’t be afraid to reach out to her at!