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About the author

D.A. Wells loves fantasy movies, especially epic fantasy. She is the author of fantasy fiction, YA-historical fiction and creator of several trilogies (currently in production). In her other life, she was most likely a dragon or a pirate!

Her world (for now) includes the Barty Roberts Pirate Quest trilogy (part one), the Sorceress Academy quadrilogy, and The Last Dragon Guardians epic fantasy saga which will be a total of seven books--with many more trilogies to come.

D.A. was born in Oklahoma and grew up in several states as the daughter of an FBI agent who was forced to move every two years. Living all over the United States, and the constant moving, contributed to her love of travel and sense of adventure. She even did a short stint as a flight attendant until meeting her Aragon pilot. These days she lives in Virginia and writes whenever she is home or wherever she happens to be traveling.

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Pirate Quest (Book 1) – Releasing January 30, 2020
Sorceress Academy (Book 1) – Releasing 2020
Last Dragon Guardians (Book 1) – Releasing 2020


Pirate Quest Trilogy (Part 1):
The Chronicles of Barty Roberts (Book 1) – Releasing January 30, 2020
The Chronicles of Barty Roberts (Book 2) – Releasing 2020
The Chronicles of Barty Roberts (Book 3) – Releasing 2020

Sorceress Academy (Quadrilogy):
Year One - Estetia (Book 1) – Releasing 2020
Year One - Alkil (Book 2) – Releasing 2020
Year One - Nothage (Book 3) – Releasing 2020
Year One - Laria (Book 4) – Releasing 2021

Last Dragon Guardians Saga (7 Books) :
Restoration - (Book 1) – Releasing 2020
Guardians - (Book 2) – Releasing 2020
Crowns and Blood - (Book 3) – Releasing 2021
Dragons Unleashed - (Book 4) – Releasing 2021