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About the author

Pimenta Cítrica lives erotica. Born and raised in a conservative catholic country, Pimenta experienced all limitations of a traditional society. But instead of accepting the ancient rules of fake morals, she started a quest for truth and freedom. She decided to dive into every possible sexual experience, started to read all erotica she could get and finally moved to the headquarters of hedonism: Berlin.
Here, Pimenta is on a mission to find her own special way of living in freedom and happiness - and to communicate the discoveries of her erotic Odyssey with others.
She does this as an experienced author of outstanding erotica, publishes her own blog and video series and spreads the message of an untamed, self-defined lifestyle at Berlin's underground parties.
Pimenta Cítrica does not write erotica. She lives for it. While reading her stories, you will feel this energy.