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About the author

As a mother of three, I have experienced several different types of pregnancies. Beginning with my first-born son, the process was as smooth as can be. I had a four-hour labor and was able to deliver naturally. It truly encouraged my abilities as a mother, as well as my ability to carry another child again in the future. Two years later, and my daughter was born. This pregnancy showed me the other side of being pregnant. From difficult symptoms to an emergency C-section delivery, I was shaken to my core. It was with the help of my partner, my midwife, and my resilience as a mother that I got through it and delivered a healthy baby.

Admittedly, this experience discouraged me from having more children. Though my partner and I wanted to have another baby, I was fearful that my next pregnancy would be as difficult as my last. Five years after our daughter was born, we found out that I was pregnant again. This was unplanned, but it automatically jump-started my adrenaline. It was a race to prepare for our third baby, and I hoped that my body would cooperate. My symptoms were difficult again, and finally it came time for the delivery. Through meditation and breathing techniques that I had learned through the years, I powered through the pain. The labor was long and intense, but I didn’t let this discourage me. I was able to give birth naturally once again, and although it was more difficult than my first, it allowed me to birth a healthy baby boy.

I learned that there is always going to be more to learn. No matter how prepared I thought I was there was always something to throw me for a loop. I learned how to love this aspect of pregnancy and parenting in general. Through letting go of my own unfair expectations of myself, I was able to just enjoy being a mom to my three children. And in doing so, my spouse was also able to do the same. When there are two people embarking on this journey together, it is so important that they are both on the same page. Through including my partner on my decisions throughout the pregnancy, we were able to form a great team and be great providers to our children.

The experiences that I’ve had in the last couple of decades have inspired me to write a guide that can help all expecting parents. While you might not be able to control exactly what goes on during your pregnancy, you can certainly do your best to make sure that you are prepared for anything. If there is one thing that I found to be important as a pregnant woman, it was the ability to expect the unexpected. Getting rid of all the imaginary standards I had about a symptom-free pregnancy with a quick and natural delivery allowed me to just enjoy everything that was happening to me. I saw each of my pregnancies as an important and valuable experience.